About Us



Dimension It Services is a software and technology development firm offering its services exclusively in Web Development, Web Hosting and Training Services.

We are skilled in developing Web Applications in PHP, Joomla, Drupal and also designing high level UI- User Interfaces with JQuery, Mootools and our own JS Framework “Djs”. And also we have our own PHP Framework “DClass”, loosly based on JFactory and Drupal. And also It integrates into Drupal and Joomla and simplifies work. With the force of these two we create bigger Web Apps, in less number of hours.

We provide high-quality services to software companies, high-technology companies, IT departments of corporations, startup businesses and others. If your company is looking ways to the reduce cost of software development without sacrificing the highest quality of IT products, then you might consider us.

With a spirit of innovation and enterprise and with constant evolution and adoption of new techniques and technology, Dhrusya Solutions becomes the only web development and services company who could deliver services with top most quality and expertise in WEB 2.0 era. With precise understanding on Industry and WEB standards on technology Dhrusya moves towards world class excellence in all aspects.